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Have you ever thought why daily we all do so much of hard work to earn money?

Of course for living. And for living one of the most essential need is FOOD.
In order to get the daily bread one can even commit crime.In simple words we can say FOOD=LIFE.That's what Rentie do, contributing a little to save one's life.
It is a tiffin center in udaipur who provides the best quality of food at your doorstep and that also at very reasonable cost.Finding the right and best tiffin service centre in udaipur is the biggest challenge for the people who live far from their family and struggle in order to get food that just tastes like home in an unknown city.
At least now Udaipur will no more be an unknown city if you know Rentie Udaipur Tiffin Service.

Infact we love picky eaters. We love foodies. We love vegetarians. We love health freaks. We love the ones who call. We even love the ones who order online. We love them all.
Born with a mission to revolutionize eating habits, we believe in providing tiffin service in Udaipur that are healthy, homely and hygienic. These meals are ideal for people who are too busy to cook or don’t wish to compromise on nutrition with restaurant food. The menu, at Rentie Tiffin Service (dabbawalla), comes in a variety of mouth-watering cuisines and nutritional options- a judicious mix of carbohydrates and proteins, low calorie content and no artificial flavours/preservatives.
The team at Rentie Tiffin Service provider ensures that the meals are not only healthy but also appealing to the eye and palette. We believe in giving surprises and breaking monotony, so our menu changes daily and features over numerious dishes that change every week. That includes a variety of vegetables, dal, raita, rice, rotis, salads, and snack items. These are healthy, well-balanced meals cooked in rice bran/olive oil, which provide the right amount of protein along with essential vitamins and minerals. The same food prepared in canteens or Udupi restaurants can be tasty, but is generally oily and big on your pocket.

Now, relish the tangy vegetable masala, homemade love.
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Why Us?

Although you would love to have that fulfilling home cooked meal you enjoyed back in school days, it's difficult to manage anything close to that with your busy schedule. What most of us end up eating is not really healthy and at times to our horror even unhygienic food, nutritious meal has become "out of sight, out of mind". It's very important for you to get your daily nutrition - too little or too much is equally harmful, what your health demands is a well balanced and healthy tiffin service.


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